About Us

We are the leading ISO 9001 certified producer of Biodiesel, Glycerine, Bioethanol, and other chemicals for industrial use.

As a modern organization equipped with advanced technology, we collect Uco from multiple food industries and process it eco-friendly biodiesel.


Our production plant is located at 68, Kuandanda Kurmiyan, Bisalpur Road, Bareilly, 243123 Uttar Pradesh.

G- Energetic Biofuels works with a focus to create job opportunities for people from both urban and rural areas with the setup of biodiesel industries.

About Our Industrial Setup

With over 5+ years of work experience in the oleochemical and vegetable oil industry, G- Energetic Biofuels Solutions has the ultimate technology and expertise to deliver high-quality products that meet customer requirements.

G- Energetic Biofuels laboratory houses work 24×7 and are equipped with the latest testing equipment. Additionally, the team of chemists, laboratory managers, and technicians to assure the best quality standards.

Our team manages strategic Research & Development to improve product lines and enhance the production process.

Our Vision

G- Energetic Biofuels is formed, keeping a focus on developing society into a green and clean place to live in. We want to be the most trusted global leader in the Biofuel energy industry. 

Our Mission

As a leading industry and a responsible citizen of India, we want to take forward the government initiative of “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.”

G-Energetic BioFuels Registered Address: 35K/7A Rampur Garden Bareilly, UP, 243001

Leader’s Desk

Dinesh Kumar Singh

Prateek Gupta