Biodiesel Pump Dealership In Haryana

Biodiesel Dealership

Looking for a profitable business with more scope and benefits than having a biodiesel pump dealership in Haryana or being a biodiesel super stockist can be a good business for you because the demand for biodiesel is increasing and will grow more in the coming years.

Biodiesel is an alternative to conventional and premium diesel. It is an ultra-premium sustainable fuel that is easy to use, environment friendly and also helps reduce the dependency on foreign energy. So in this post, we will tell you the detailed procedure on how to open a biodiesel pump in Haryana and how to get a licence for opening a biodiesel pump dealership in Haryana.

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Benefits As Partner

High ROI

Having a biodiesel pump dealership, you earn an alluring ROI

Multiple Earnings

Having a biodiesel dealership in Haryana with GE Biofuels, you have a collective source of income

ISO 9001 Certified

Having a partnership with GE Biofuels, you get associated with an ISO 9001 certified company

Valuable Brand

You will also be in collaboration with an ultra-premium renewable fuel brand

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Another reasons to have a biodiesel pump distributorship in Haryana

Biodiesel has many advantages over conventional diesel. Some of them are:

  • Biodiesel is carbon neutral, so it does not produce carbon in terms of CO2.
  • Biodiesel is biodegradable and non-toxic, i.e., spillages represent far less risk than conventional diesel spillage.
  • Biodiesel has a higher flash point than conventional diesel making it safer in a crash.
  • Biodiesel has a lower exhaust emission rate than traditional diesel, making them reliable for more extended usage.
  • To use biodiesel there is no need for any engine modifications.
  • Biodiesel reduces greenhouse gases by 86%.
  • It also reduces particulate matter by 47%, making the air healthier to breathe.
  • Biodiesel also reduces the emission of hydrocarbons.

Documents and Requirement for Biodiesel Pump Dealership In Haryana

Documentation for having a biodiesel pump in Haryana is straightforward, and you require an area of 30 x 30 metres and KYC documents. Start your own business and enjoy the benefits of a biodiesel pump dealership in Haryana.

Area RequiredMinimum 30x30 metre
LandThe land documentation should be diverted into commercial use.
Company or Firm
GST number and Pan Card
OwnerPan card and Aadhaar card copy
Bank Account
Current account in the owner’s name
PhotographRequired two passport size photographs of the owner

Eligibility Criteria for opening a biodiesel pump dealership in Haryana

Here are the eligibility criteria for the biodiesel petrol pump in Haryana :

● The applicant should be an Indian citizen.
● The applicant’s age limit should be between 21-58 years of age.
● The applicant should be financially stable.
● The applicant should have entrepreneurial expertise.
● The candidate should also have a clear land title in a good location.

Another Business Opportunity

Super Stockist

GE Biofuels is one of Haryana’s best and most prominent biodiesel manufacturers with a broad hand in supplies to Faridabad, Gurugram (Gurgaon), Panipat, Ambala Yamunanagar, Rohtak, Hisar, Karnal, Sonipat, Panchkula, Rewari, Bhiwani, etc.

Biodiesel has an increasing demand as it is a renewable and clean-burning fuel made from waste vegetable oils, animal fats, or recycled restaurant grease. It produces less toxic pollutants and reduces greenhouse gases than petroleum diesel.

So joining GE Biofuels as a biodiesel super stockist will be an excellent opportunity for any individual and earn a handsome income.

GE Biofuels provides hassle-free services and supreme quality biodiesel. Therefore grab the opportunity and become a biodiesel super stockist to have a successful business.


Requirement for biodiesel super stockist

Biodiesel super stockists have to plan the complete procedure, requirements and goals. Also, they need to plan why and where they will set up this plant.

To become a super stockist, one should have an area of at least 2500sq.m as land is the main requirement for being a super stockist.

Biodiesel super stockists are the people who have to purchase biodiesel from manufacturers and forward it to the distributors of different districts. So the second most important thing they should have is the storage capacity of 100000 Ltr to store a massive amount of fuel.

And the third most important thing is the investment. You need to invest 45-50 lakhs, and this investment is a worthwhile price to access your bright future. You should also know how to fulfil your buyer’s requirements.

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About G-Energetic Biofuels Pvt Ltd

GE Biofuels is the emerging producer of Biodiesel, Glycerine, Bioethanol, and other chemicals for industrial use. We are the leading biodiesel pump industry in Haryana and collect Uco from multiple food industries and process it into eco-friendly biodiesel using advanced technology.

We aim to set up biodiesel plants all over the country and generate employment opportunities in rural and urban areas. We are customer-centric and expert in delivering high-quality products to meet our customer requirements.

We have over five years of experience in the oleochemical and vegetable oil industry. We have a strategic Research & Development team to improve product lines and enhance production.


The applicants have to pay a non-refundable fixed fee depending on the area for opening a biodiesel plant in Haryana.

Segment 1- Rs.12 to Rs.15 lakhs
segment 2-Rs.40 to Rs.50 lakhs

The contact number of one of the best biodiesel dealerships in Haryana is 18002702090.

The biodiesel rate in Haryana is approx Rs. 70 to 80 (depends on location)

Interested candidates can apply by visiting our official website gebiofuels.in for a licence to open a petrol pump in the desired state city or region. After getting the approval of the Biodiesel Pump, the applicant will have to register for paying the Goods and Service Tax (GST) and also need to open a current account in the name of his petrol pump. And you are all done to start your biodiesel pump in Haryana and earn a lucrative income.