Biodiesel Pump Dealership In Uttrakhand

Biodiesel Dealership

Biodiesel is a type of fuel made from vegetable oils or animal fats. These oils or fats are harvested from crops like canola or soybeans or made from used oils from restaurants and homes. And thus, the increase in the demand for biodiesel leads to a rise in demand for these agricultural outputs. The government also emphasised its production because it reduces the foreign dependency on crude oil. 

Because of all these benefits, it has an increasing demand and higher scope in the future. Therefore, becoming a part of this green revolution by starting a biodiesel pump dealership in Uttarakhand and operating your biodiesel plant can be a profitable business. You also have an option of becoming a partner as a super stockist and earn a high rate of interest in a few efforts.

So in this article, we will explain the complete process of applying for a biodiesel pump dealership in Uttarakhand, its eligibility criteria, how to become a super stockist, and its requirements, as many people don’t know how to get to the petrol pump in India or its requirements.

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Benefits As Partner

High ROI

You earn an alluring ROI by having a biodiesel pump dealership

Multiple Earnings

Having a biodiesel dealership in Rajasthan with GE Biofuels, You will get revenue-generating multiple sources

ISO 9001 Certified

You get collaboration with ISO 9001 certified company by having a partnership with GE Biofuels

Valuable Brand

You will also be in collaboration with an superior fuel brand

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Another reasons to have a biodiesel Pump Distributorship in Uttrakhand

Benefits of Biodiesel in Uttrakhand:-

  • Biodiesel is an alternative to petrol diesel, reducing the country’s dependency on foreign crude oil.
  • Biodiesel reduces carbon dioxide emission by up to 70% compared to petrol diesel.
  • Biodiesel is non-inflammable and has a flashpoint above 1300 c, while petrol diesel is highly combustible.
  • It is cheaper than petrol and diesel.
  • Biodiesel has high oxygen content and helps complete fuel combustion, resulting in enhanced mileage.
  • Biodiesel is non-toxic and biodegradable.
  • Biodiesel is produced from crops, so increased demand for biodiesel enhances the agricultural output.
  • Commercial users can avail of enormous GST benefits from their purchase which is not available in the case of petroleum and diesel.

Documents and Requirement for Biodiesel Pump Dealership In Uttrakhand

Having a biodiesel pump in Uttarakhand with GE Biofuels requires less documentation. So applying for a biodiesel pump distributorship in Uttarakhand is hassle-free and easy.

Area RequiredMinimum 30x30 metre
LandThe land documentation should be diverted into commercial use.
Company or Firm
GST number and Pan Card
OwnerPan card and Aadhaar card copy
Bank Account
Current account in the owner’s name
PhotographRequired two passport size photographs of the owner

Eligibility Criteria for opening a biodiesel pump dealership in Uttrakhand

The eligibility criteria for opening a biodiesel pump in Uttrakhand may vary from company to company; however, the applicant must fulfil the following requirements:

  • One should be an Indian citizen.
  • The applicant’s age limit should be between 21 and 58.
  • One should be financially stable to have a biodiesel pump dealership in Uttarakhand.
  • Entrepreneurial skills are essential for the individual who wants to start a biodiesel pump dealership in Uttarakhand.
  • A clear land title in a good location is essential for having a biodiesel plant in Uttarakhand.
Another Business Opportunity

Super Stockist

GE Biofuels is a leading biodiesel supplier in Uttarakhand with broad hands in supplies to Dehradun, Haridwar, Roorkee, Haldwani, Rudrapur, Kashipur, and Rishikesh. It also provides its services in biodiesel pump distributorship in Uttarakhand and as a biodiesel super stockist. 

Biodiesel is the best alternative for diesel in quality, performance, economy, and emissions. Biodiesel fuel stations are futuristic and will attract millions of users and followers. 

So becoming a part of this green revolution by working as a biodiesel super stockist can be a profitable business and earn a high-interest rate. 

GE Biofuels is the best service provider in this field. We help our partners with many additional benefits and advantages. So join hands and make your dreams come true.


Requirement for biodiesel super stockist

First, you need to plan the strategies, area requirements, methods, and goals to succeed in your business. You should know where and why you will set up this plant. 

It would be best if you had an area of 2500sq.m. at least to set up your business as land is the primary requirement for becoming a super stockist. 

Then you need a storage capacity to store a vast amount of fuel, for which you should have a 100000 ltr—storage capacity. 

And last but not least is the investment without which nothing is possible to begin with. You need to invest Rs.45 to Rs.50 lakhs in becoming a super stockist. To become successful in your business, you should know how to fulfill your buyer’s needs and requirements.

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About G-Energetic Biofuels Pvt Ltd

GE Biofuels is the emerging biodiesel, Glycerine, Bioethanol, and other chemicals for industrial use. It is an ISO 9001-certified company. Using advanced technology, we collect Uco from multiple food industries and process it into eco-friendly biodiesel. 

Our skilled production units run quality checks before manufacturing to generate clean output, so our offering always meets BIS standards. 

We also provide complete technical support and business solutions to our customers who wish to set up their biodiesel fuel station in Uttarakhand or work as super stockists. 

Our focus is to create job opportunities for people from urban and rural areas with the setup of biodiesel industries. We focus on developing society into a green and clean place to live in. We also want to be the most trusted global leader in the Biofuel energy industry.


The cost of having a biodiesel pump dealership in Uttarakhand is between Rs.15 to Rs.35 lakhs depending on the area you choose to open a biodiesel pump in Uttarakhand.

The contact number of one of the best biodiesel distributors in Uttarakhand is 18002702090.

The biodiesel rate in Uttarakhand is between Rs.87 to Rs.90.