Formation of Glycerin

Glycerin (Glycerol) can be obtained from the process of transesterification of vegetable oil and animal fat. It is the by-product of the biodiesel reaction. Glycerol and biodiesel get separated by traditional, gravitational, and centrifugal methods.

However, with every 100 pounds of biodiesel, 10 pounds of glycerin can be obtained. It means that by increasing the amount of biodiesel, the amount of glycerin also increases.

Since glycerin is a sugar substitute, it is a good source of energy. But it is in crude form and needs refinement for further use.

Refinement of glycerin

In glycerin refinement, the residual products have to be removed. Where water, salt, methanol, and few organic matter are some residual products. The process takes place in three slots.

De-aeration has two main loops, i.e., re-circulation pump and heat exchanger. The pump works to circulate the crude glycerin into the vessel (de-aeration vessel). Then the glycerol transfers into the distillation column.

The distillation process takes place in various steps. These are

  • Vaporization system
  • Cleanliness of system
  • Purification system
  • Scrubbing system

The last process i.e. bleaching does purification. Where activated carbon helps in the removal of color and odour from the glycerin. After this process, the final product cools down and it needs to get stored in the container.

The final pure glycerin can be used in pharmaceutical and technical industrial use. 

For the technical grade, glycerin needs to be highly purified just like crystal water. It should not contains methanol, salts, soaps, and any other matter. 

While For Pharmaceutical grade, glycerine is the one which is suitable for food, personal use, cosmetics, etc. 

Glycerol can also be converted into some valuable products via thermo-chemical methods or Biological methods.

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Why glycerin settles down in the water?

Glycerol is from a polyol group, which makes hydrogen bonds with water molecules. It is highly soluble in water and denser with a gravity of 1.26. Whereas the density of water is 1 due to which glycerine settles down in the water.

Benefits of Glycerol

We have already discussed on the usage of glycerol in industrial and pharmaceutical ways. Apart from this, It has many more advantages. 


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