Solar Energy

About Solar Energy

Solar energy defines the energy obtained from the sun. It is the cheapest and sufficient renewable energy source.

The energy obtained by photons of the sun is known as photovoltaic energy. This energy is then converted into electric energy. 

There are so many solar appliances to use this energy in a variety of uses like solar panel, solar towers, solar power plants, solar heaters, and so on. All appliances are for different uses as per the requirement.

How Solar Power Plant Works?

The solar power plant is mainly for the conversion of photovoltaic energy into electrical energy. It depends on converting electricity to choose the power plant, whether it is a solar thermal power plant or photovoltaic plant. 

Solar power plants are of two types, i.e., photovoltaic plant or solar cells and solar thermal power plant. 

A photovoltaic cell or PV cell is made up of silicon alloys. Thus, In between two semiconductors, photons hit the surface of photovoltaic cells. 

The function of a semiconductor is to convert the photons into electrons by the photoelectric effect. And the captured electrons are responsible for the electricity.

The solar thermal power plant converts solar energy into heat and electricity. Here the energy is used in the form of steam. Further, that steam is responsible for the processing of turbine and generator. 

Here, the thermal energy heats the unique fluid to get centralized with high pressure and superheated steam.  There are three types of solar thermal power plants, i.e., Parabolic troughs, solar power towers, and solar ponds.

Solar Power Tower

It is an excellent technique to convert solar energy into electricity for extensive use. The process takes place with sun-tracking mirrors known as heliostats and the fluid.

An array of heliostats tracks the sunlight on the top of the tower, which heat up the fluid and generate a stem. This steam hits the turbine generator to generate electricity.

The setup of this tower is capable of working in any weather conditions. It generates a high amount of electricity.

There is no power cut between the process of supply. And supplies clean energy for industrial use.


Parabolic Solar Trough


The parabolic solar trough is a widespread method to collect sunrays. The setup goes parabola on two sides and plain on the other.

The curved surface is covered with a polished metal mirror. That helps to concentrate all the sunrays into a single focal point. That converts the heat-up fluid into the stem.

The main benefit of the parabola is to increase intensity up to 30-100 times.

Solar Pond

A solar pond is a solar thermal energy collector, which is large as big as a pool. Here the pool is covered with saline water, and the energy collects in lower layers. The layers of salt are of different concentrations. The higher the concentration, the lower the layer.

It is used for thermal applications, power generation by salt evaporation, desalination, and so on. Here the optimization and the heat extraction are mainly two purposes of the solar pond.

Quality of Solar Products

Solar energy is the leading source of energy. It is the easiest and effective way to trade the power for multiple uses. To generate powerful energy, it is compulsory to use high-quality products. 

G-Energetic Pvt. Ltd is one of the best suppliers; we use high-quality equipment such as UTL solar energy products. While the solar panel is a popular product of solar energy and is used to supply high power. 

We suggest you for the worthy investment in solar equipment to generate a good quality of energy.

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