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As a modern organization, We collect Used cooking oils (UCO) from the food industries and process it to produce eco-friendly biodiesel, which in itself is a green source of energy. Our skilled production units run quality checks before the beginning of the manufacturing process to generate clean output. Our offering always meets BIS standards as per IS15607.

Further, We also provide complete technical support and business solutions to our customers who wish to set up their own production unit.

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Biodiesel is a good alternative for petroleum fuels. Biodiesel is made up of used cooking oil and a source of renewable energy. It contributes an important role in go green in India.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is the leading source of energy. It is the easiest and effective way to trade the power for multiple uses. To generate powerful energy, it is compulsory to use high-quality products.


Bioethanol is used as a principal alternative for petrol, especially for road transport. The best way to reduce pollution emission to the highest extent is by blending ethanol with gasoline.


We always offer you clinically testified Glycerine with pocket-friendly pricing. Our Glycerine is available in various amount of sizes according to your requirement.

Our Service

Biodiesel Franchise

Bio Diesel is the best alternative for diesel in terms of quality, performance, economy, and emissions. You can become part of the go green revolution, enroll as a franchise partner, and operate your own biodiesel station.

What is Biodiesel?

  • Biodiesel is a kind of an alternative fuel quite similar to conventional or ‘fossil’ diesel.
  • It is a clean renewable fuel made using vegetable oils and fats.
  • It is developed through chemical processes which convert natural oils and fats into fatty acid methyl esters(FAME). – process is called transesterification.
  • The complete process to convert natural oils and fats into biodiesel is called transesterification.
  • Biodiesel fuel has very low exhaust emissions compared to petroleum diesel fuel.
  • Biodiesel has lower toxicity as compared to petroleum diesel fuel.

Benefits at our Fuel Station

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Why Choose G - Energetic Biofuels?

We, as the best biofuel manufacturers in India, gives you a hassle-free and on-time oil collection. Moreover, our robust support team is always there to guide you and counter your queries with a perfect solution.

Additionally, Our independently owned and operated business structure makes us an exceptional biofuel product and service provider in India. 

Our Vision

G-Energetic Biofuels is formed, keeping focus on developing society into a green and clean place to live in. We want to be the most trusted global leader in the Biofuel energy industry.


While frying food with oil, produce a toxic substance called Total Polar compounds(TPC). While consuming fried food, these TPC enters into your body.

The toxicity of these compounds is associated with many diseases like hypertension, Alzheimer’s disease, liver diseases.

These evidences make it important to verify the quality of vegetable oils during frying.

“In order to safeguard consumer health, FSSAI has fixed a limit for Total Polar Compounds (TPC) at 25% beyond which the vegetable oil shall not be used. ”

FSSAI is implementing an Education Enforcement Ecosystem (EEE) strategy to distract used cooking oil from the food value chain and restrict current malpractices. The strategy focuses on optimum health and well-being of 130-crore citizens, energy security, climate change mitigation, and much more.

Statistics say:

The Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas (MoP&NG;), Government of India, has recently joined IEA Bioenergy TCP as its 25th member. The primary goal of MoP&NG; joining IEA Bioenergy TCP is to facilitate the market introduction of advanced biofuels with an aim to bring down emissions and reduce substantial crude oil imports.

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